Is it safe to wear contact lenses during this pandemic?

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Is it safe to wear contact lenses during this pandemic?

By aitkineyeca32139567, May 18 2020 01:00PM

Is it safe to wear contact lenses during this pandemic?

There are no indications that wearing contact lenses increases your likelihood of contracting COVID-19. However, now is a great time to review steps you can take to reduce your chances of having problems with your contact lenses, including any kind of infection.

• Do not sleep in your contact lenses unless your doctor has specifically fit you in lenses designed for extended wear.

• Replace you contact lenses as recommended by your doctor.

• Clean and disinfect your contact lenses every time you wear them.

• Do not “top off” solutions. Always dump out the solution, let your case air dry, and always use fresh solution every day.

• Never wear someone else’s contact lenses.

• Never put your contact lenses in your mouth or in tap water.

• Replace your contact lens case every 3-4 months

• Have a comprehensive vision and eye health examination at least once/year

If you become sick, take a break from wearing contact lenses until you feel better. When you resume wearing contact lenses it is best to start with new contact lenses and a new case.

If you have any problems with your contact lenses we are here for you, even during this pandemic. If you need more contact lenses you can order them on our website:

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