Kids and Computer Vision Syndrome

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Kids and Computer Vision Syndrome

By aitkineyeca32139567, Apr 24 2020 03:19PM

Kids and Computer Vision Syndrome

Eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches can all be symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Many people experience these symptoms if they spend too much time on the computer, cell phone, or any other digital device. Even children can experience computer vision syndrome.

Digital devices require precise focusing and eye alignment, more than most other tasks. This necessity to maintain precise focus and alignment can lead to eye fatigue. Eye fatigue results in blurred vision if the eyes stop focusing. Many people suffering from computer vision syndrome report fluctuations in vision with vision gradually getting worse the longer they are using a digital device. Eye fatigue can also result in overlapping images or double vision if the eyes don’t maintain correct alignment. Enough eye fatigue results in headaches.

When children experience these symptoms they may not tell anyone if they don’t realize what they are experiencing is not normal. So it is important for parents and educators to be aware of signs that may indicate computer vision syndrome, including short attention span, rubbing eyes, closing an eye, or turning their head to one side.

If you suspect that your child is experiencing computer syndrome there a few things you can do.

• Apply the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes take a 20 second break to look 20 feet away (this relaxes the muscles in and around the eyes)

• Take breaks to do other schoolwork or play outside

• If your child needs glasses, make sure they wear them and that they are properly fitted

• Reduce glare. From screen glare to reflective walls and surfaces, you want to create an environment where bright light is reduced. Glasses with anti-reflective coating can help minimize glare by reducing the amount of light that reflects off your lenses.

• Schedule a comprehensive vision and eye health examination

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