Recommended Care and Cleaning of Your Eyeglasses

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Recommended Care and Cleaning of Your Eyeglasses

By aitkineyeca32139567, Jan 27 2020 07:00AM

Recommended Care and Cleaning of Your Eyeglasses

• Always rinse off lenses with water before wiping or cleaning.

• Clean the lenses with eyeglass cleaner or mild soap and warm water. Never use chemicals not specifically designed for eyeglasses.

• Use a soft, clean cotton cloth or lens tissue (such as Kimwipes) to dry the lenses. Then polish the lenses with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth to eliminate any residual streaks or smudges. Do not use paper towels or tissues. For your convenience we have bottles of lens cleaner and Kimwipe lens tissues for sale.

• Never lay your eyeglasses face down. Store your eyeglasses in their case when you are not wearing them.

• Never keep your eyeglasses in an automobile where temperatures inside can warp and misshape frame and lenses as well as damage lens treatments and coatings.

• To keep your eyeglasses in proper adjustment and to avoid strain on frame parts, use both hands to put on or take off your eyeglasses.

• Even if you follow these guidelines, your eyeglasses may need adjustments or repairs. Feel free to stop in… we are local eye care professionals committed to taking care of you and your eyeglasses!

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