Signs Your Child Has a Vision Problem

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Signs Your Child Has a Vision Problem

By aitkineyeca32139567, Jun 3 2019 03:05PM

There are many things you can look for if you’re concerned your child may be suffering from a vision problem. Vision problems can be misdiagnosed as both behavioral and learning disorders, which is why getting your children’s vision checked regularly is essential to their success both in and out of the classroom.

Here are some of the common symptoms your children may display if they have an undetected vision problem:

• Squinting, covering one eye, or closing one eye while reading

• Losing place of what line/page they were reading

• Skipping over words and lines while reading

• Angling or turning their heads to see more clearly

• Getting headaches while reading

• Holding things excessively close while reading

• Getting distracted or frustrated while reading

• Avoiding reading or other schoolwork

It is important to realize that young children may not report symptoms of vision problems. They do not know what “normal” vision is like. They may think that an inability to see clearly or comfortably is normal. That is why we can’t rely on symptoms to detect vision problems in young children.

Recommended eye examination schedule for children:

6-12 months old: InfantSEE (a FREE assessment of vision and eyes)

3-4 years old: SeeTo Learn (a FREE assessment for pre-school children)

5-18 years old: annual exam (vision problems are becoming more common and changes are happening more quickly)

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